V11 Callout tutorial

V11 Callout tutorial


What are Callouts? Callouts are a focused view of an area you wish to see enlarged.
The Callout tool can be accessed from the "Annotate" Ribbon.

To use the Callout tool, select/click on it from the ribbon menu (pictured above), then click and drag your cursor over the area you want to create a Callout ‘Source’
NOTE: If you’ve correctly selected the Callout tool, your cursor will appear as a magnifying glass until you’ve made a selection (as pictured below).

After you’ve selected an area to make a Callout of; you can now make another area selection (also by clicking and dragging) to define the zoom and initially place the Callout ‘Destination’.


You can also double click on the Callout, to edit it, changing the colours of the lines, or the style of the boxes bounding the Source or Destination, alter the Line between the two, or even remove the label information below the Destination.
NOTE: Once you’ve created the Callout, its zoom position/scale becomes locked. However, you’re still able to change the area and position over which the callout is looking at.Callouts

You can also right click on the tool in the Ribbon and “Format Callout Tool…” (see image above) and change the settings to the way you prefer. You can also save multiple versions, which will appear in the Quick launch area, pictured on the right as “Red” below the Save As. Alternatively if you have more configurations then are able to be seen in the Quick launch, they will still be accessible via the ‘Load…’ button.
TIP: Click the attachment to download this HowTo to your desktop as a .pdf

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