Using and setting up CAMS in CabMasterPro V11

Using and setting up CAMS in CabMasterPro V11

Setting Up Cams

Setting up cams is a 2 step process in the Mach.General category of the Drawing/Catalog Properties.

On the Const page change your machining Construction to Cam where applicable.

On the Tool page, press the Cam button, then on the next screen press the Edit button. On the next screen that appears, you can change the offset and diameter of your cams as required Then click OK on each screen to return to your drawing.
NOTE: You can also create a new setting buy using the "new" button.

NOTE: The offset is working from the edge of your board to the centre of your cam. 

Cabinet Properties

The Drawing/Catalog Properties defaults can be overridden at cabinet level. Machine this cabinet, when checked, turns all machining turned off for the cabinet selected. When unchecked, no machining will be output for nesting.

Default Construction

On – Check the box to use the fixing methods defined in the drawing properties.

Off - Uncheck Default Construction to change the fixings to what has been selected in the Change Construction list in Drawing Properties, which can be Screw, Cam, Nail, Tongue or Other.
This option controls ALL the fixings for the entire cabinet.
TIP: Click the attachment to download this HowTo to your desktop as a .pdf

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