Universal Cabinets missing the hinge plates on the Ends

Universal Cabinets missing the hinge plates on the Ends

When using the Universal cabinets, we can sometimes see the hinge plate holes on the End Left and End Right go missing.

There is two options that can create this result, but they are both connected to the Donor Acceptor mechanic which occurs when two parts get within 1mm of each other.

1: In the drawing properties there is the 'Construction Standard' under the 'Doors/Fronts' page there is the Door Gaps from the Left and Right, if these values are greater than 1mm they will put the donor hole out of range with the next setting being used.

2: in the drawing properties there is the 'Mach. General', then under the 'Hinge' page, there is an option "Hold hinge position when door overhangs - Vert. and Horiz.". With these switched off, particularly the Horiz, this will allow the machining of the hinge to move with the Door Gaps as mentioned above, so if they get outside the 1mm distance they will no longer donate to the Ends of the cabinet.

As shown in the image above, you can see the Hinge Plate drilling is present again, with the Hold hinge position when door overhangs - Horiz is engaged.

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