Snapping tool and its use

Snapping tool and its use

Snapping allows you to place objects flush up against other objects, perfectly aligned. Without snapping, it is possible to position objects so that they look flush, when in fact they may be slightly offset or have a tiny gap between them. There are several snap options available. We will discuss the following

  1. Snap to Grid 
  2. Snap to Handle 
  3. Snap to Graphics 
  4. Snap to DXF
Snap to grid:
Positioning items to a grid on the page, this can be visible to assist placement or not, if you are snapping to grid you do not need to see the grid.

Snap to handle:
allows cabinets and items to lock together depending on the handle that is selected

Snap to graphics:
turns on snapping to polygons, images, text, lines etc

Snap to DXF:
by importing a DXF of a plan or design we can use it as a template to create snap points for drawing walls or cabinets that align with the DXF.

See attached document for greater detail in using these options.