Shadow Rails - Drawing Properties Explained

Shadow Rails - Drawing properties explained

Shadow Rails in Drawing Properties

Adjusting the options for Shadow Rails is most simply done in Drawing Properties, on the Shadow Rails’ Settings page:

Shadow Rail Settings

The options on this page are defined by the colour-coded details set out below:

Height is the height of the shadow rail above the top drawer, highlighted below in cyan .

Hgt Drw is the height of every shadow rail except the top one, highlighted in light green .

Top of Door/Top Drawer is how far the top drawer will overlap the top shadow rail, highlighted below in red .

Top of Lower Drawers is how far the bottom drawers (all drawers apart from the top drawer) will overlap the lower shadow rails, highlighted below in orange .

Bottom of Individual Drawers is how far the bottom edge of all drawers (except the bottom drawer) will overlap the shadow rails, highlighted below in purple .

Bottom of Door/Drawer Bank is how far the bottom edge of the bottom door/drawer will overlap the Bottom of the cabinet’s carcass, highlighted in grey .

Set Back Option

In addition to the above options, Set Back on the same Settings page gives the option of having the shadow rail positioned at a specific distance behind the drawer front. As shown here in yellow, a setting of 20mm moves the shadow rail back by that distance.

Enabling/Disabling Shadow Rails

To apply Shadow Rails to all cabinets in the drawing, go to the Shadow Rails " Include page as shown below, and tick the checkboxes for each group as per your requirements.

Radius vs Notch


Extra space can be included surrounding the shadow rail, as shown here by the exaggerated value of 10mm.

The cyan value adjusts how much of a gap is created behind the shadow rail, and the red value applies that much of a gap below the rail. This example shows just the Top drawer, but the two columns on the right provide for the same options to be applied to all lower drawers.
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