Setting up Hettich Wingline Hinge System.

Setting up Hettich Wingline Hinge System.

Setting up Hettich Wing Line System

This system has been setup as a custom table arrangement to deal with this product until the hinge system in the CabMaster library can catch up with its setup.

Firstly you will need to get the Custom Machining tables from the Q:\ that should be position in your “\CabMasterPro*\Table\Machining\Custom\” folder.

NOTE: These tables were created with the follow cabinets in mind – Floor Standard, Wall Standard, Tall Standard. They have not been tested on other cabinets, they might work, but have not been tested. And they will need to be activated in the cabinets like the image below. 

Secondly you will need to Put the Wing Line Hinge’s and Plates into your current hardware table. If you are using the default Hardware Table or a Brand hardware table, i.e. Blum Hinges or Hettich Hinges

NOTE: You might need to check the customer’s current hinge set configurations to see which table they are using to obtain the hinge data from.

Default hinges are located in the \Table\ folder called Hardware.qlt, and the other is located in the \Table\Hardware\Hinges\ folder.

Once you know which table they are looking at to find the hinges, you will need to make sure they have the Wingline Hinges available to that table as per below screen shot:

All these rows need to be inserted to the existing table.
NOTE: This hinge does not turn on like a real hinge, they actually turn on because of the custom machining table.
You MUST match the hinge name in your hinge set with the Custom machining table you want to use, and DC stands for Double cup.

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