Running Reports and Cutting Lists

Running Reports and Cutting Lists

Reports and Cutting Lists

CabMaster is shipped with numerous standard manufacturing and commercial reports. Certain data that is contained within these reports must be setup, otherwise the default data will be used.

There are two key reporting types within CabMaster that are easily customised by the user.
  1. Commercial reports such as quotations, invoices etc
  2. Manufacturing reports such as cutting lists, assembly details, etc 

Customising Reports

In addition to the customisation of quotation and invoice numbers, inclusion of company information, CabMaster allows you to customise the text that is placed inside of the quotation and invoices.
  1. Refer to CM-Cabinets Help available from within your software product, as shown below:
  1. CabMaster CM-Cabinets Library User Guide discusses the Setup and use in more detail. See Chapter 1 on Setup and Chapter 8 Reporting. A softcopy of this manual can be found in the /Doc folder on your installation CD or installed software.


The CM-Cabinets library comes with a comprehensive report library. Reports include:
  1. Cutting lists
  2. Benchtop
  3. Doors and panels
  4. Hardware
  5. Invoice and quotations
  6. Kickboard
  7. Labels
  8. And more.
NOTE: New reports can be made, or existing reports can be customised, for an additional fee.
Defaults are set in the Reports section of Drawing/Catalog Properties:

Trouble Shooting

Report and/or Labels Printing Too Small

If your CabMaster reports and/or labels are printing at the wrong size then check the following:
      1. Click on the Printer Setup icon  - See diagram:

      2. Check your Paper Size is set to A4 and the Orientation is set to Portrait.

Cutting Lists

With your drawing open, select ‘Report’ from the ‘File’ menu. The following will be displayed:

  1. Select required report, which for this example is ‘Board 1 Column.rpt’ and click ‘Open’. A Parameter dialog will then be presented as per example the image below:

  1. A report will be presented, which can then be printed.

Report Defaults

The defaults for Board reports are setup in the Board page of the Reports category. Therefore, in this example, the Default Size is ‘Cut’ highlighted.

TIP: Click the attachment to download this HowTo to your desktop as a .pdf

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