Microwave Oven Ends Flush with Doors

Microwave Oven Ends Flush with Doors

Wall Microwave 2

Cabinet Properties - Flush with Doors

This option is located on the ‘End’ page of the ‘Cabinet Details’ category.

When ‘External Panels’ are added to microwave and over cabinets (see image below) and ‘Flush with Doors’ is selected, only the panels should be flush with the doors, not the standard ends.

The following screen shots show the effect of these options on a Wall Microwave 2.
  1. Ensure that ‘External Panels’ checkboxes are ticked as illustrated.
  2. Flush With Doors
    1. Left End is On, i.e. ticked
    2. Right End is Off, i.e. not ticked
  3. Only Fully External Panels Flush – both sides Off

  1. Flush With Doors is ON, left and right
  2. Only Fully External Panels ON, left and right

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