Jobman Report

Export to Jobman

Jobman is an external software company that Manages and Tracks workflow, so Customers will want to export their cabinets and/or hardware from our software to populate the Jobman database.
This report can run in the Library Catalog Manager via the My Extensions area of the Catalog Properties, which will report all the cabinets in the library.
Instructions for Install/Setup:
This is only possible in CabMasterPro Version or higher
Step 1: you will need to download the zipped components, this can be found at this link - Jobman Export
Step 2: extract the contents of the zip into a TEMP folder [This can be anywhere, in my example I used C:\Temp]

Step 3: find the CabMasterProV11 location. Run CabMaster and use the "File > Options", or Press F10.
Step 4: Copy the "Library" and "Report" folders of the "Temp" folder into the "CabMasterProV11" folder location detailed in Step 3.

NOTE: do not just copy the contents of the "Table" folder (from the TEMP folder) into the CabMasterProV11 folder location - See Step 5.

Step 5: Inside the TEMP folder you will find 'Table\Plugins\PlugIn.qlt' open it and you will want to copy the row that contains information [Plugin1].

Step 6: Locate the same "PlugIn.qlt" in the CabMasterProV11 Table folders, and paste the copied row from Step 5 into the table, you will need to use an empty row, or overwrite one you are not going to use.
[Maximum of 5 PlugIns are available to the system]
To copy the row from the table provided, if you click on the row title "PlugIn1" and in the menu, "Edit > Copy", then inside the table in your CabMasterProV11 folder, if you select a row that is empty like "PlugIn3" as pictured below, you can then select the row and use menu "Edit > Paste".

Save and exit the table.

Running Jobman Reports
Restart CabMasterProV11 and you will find in the drawing properties

Once inside the "Jobman Report" button you will see the following page.
Note: the export folders can be altered, but they need to exist first

To Run the report simply choose one of the "Export" buttons, either the top one for Cabinet List, or the bottom one for Hardware List.
When you are setting up your Hardware items, you will want to provide a Brand and Part number to each item you are going to use, as the report will use that detail

Report results would then look like this.

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