EzyNest Null String Error when processing parts

EzyNest Null String Error when processing parts

When we try to process a job through the ATP when we “Process Parts List” and you get a dialog box appearing that says “Could not covert variant type (Null) into type (String)”

This has occurred because the ‘Label Format Name’ has no value.

(Bypass: if you turned off “Create label output” then this would not prevent you nesting the job, but you will not get labels.)

The problem is located in the LabelFormatCollection.lfc.
  1. Location: example “C:\AllMasterSoftware\EzyNest5\AutoTP\Labels


One method for this would be to import the LabelFormatCollection.lfc from a backup, as the current file will not necessarily be correct for all the data of label positions and quantity.

Another method is to use the LabelMaker.exe to reconfigure the correct settings required for the Label Format.

Origin: Whilst this is not confirmed, it is theorized that if the customer is multiple selecting *.ljd and printing them all at once, or trying to print them too fast together, then the application LabelMaker.exe (which writes the LFC during close) is failing to write the file correctly when it shuts down and commences the next label.
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