EzyNest is missing the Sheets selector in the top left (Layer Toolbar)

EzyNest is missing the Sheets selector in the top left (Layer Toolbar)

Steps below are the same for EzyNest and EnRoute
On EzyNest there is a toolbar in the top left usually, located underneath the icons to create a new plate, and open drawings.

Sometimes you might open EzyNest and it might not be present.
[See image below]

If you find yourself in the situation where this is missing this can be easily switched back on in one of two ways.
Option 1: if you have a blank plate down, press the Layer toggle.

Option 2: in the menu go to Setup > Toolbars > Layer, and switch that back on.

If you turn it back on and the toolbar is floating on the screen, just use the left mouse to drag it back into position underneath the New plate and Open drawing icons and it will automatically dock back into the toolbar as seen at the top of this page.

Problem: If after restarting EzyNest the toolbar is 'floating' again like shown above and even if you repeat the steps above and it will not remain docked even after reopening EzyNest again, then please contact support because there is another fault at work that needs to be fixed.

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