EzyNest/EnRoute has experienced a licensing issue

EzyNest/EnRoute has experienced a licensing issue

EzyNest or EnRoute since Version 6 has had software licenses, and even a monthly subscription model, this means from time to time the license requires an update to extend the time.
Sometimes this is not an automatic task, so you will be alerted to an issue if you open the application and place a new document, you will see this message.

then it will show this message after the above.

If you have paid for your subscription to be update or license extended already then all you need to do is to run LicenseManager.exe which is located in the root folder of EzyNest or EnRoute, you will need to "check for license updates" then press 'Next' then 'Finish'. Now you should be able to run your EzyNest or EnRoute and place a new blank page without getting an issue about license.

EzyNest Root folder location - C:\AllMasterSoftware\EzyNest6\
EnRoute Root folder location - C:\EnRoute6\

Please note: After 'Check For License Updates' sometimes you can be required to run another program located nearby to validate the license to the program. Run "InstallManagerCloud.exe"

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