Door and Drawer Material Defaults - V11

Door and Drawer Material Defaults - V11

Door and Drawer Material Defaults

The following will discuss setting defaults and selecting different materials for each individual door and drawer front on a cabinet. Although doors commonly change with each job, it still may be beneficial to set up a default by nominating the most commonly used door group and colours through Materials Manager.

Materials Manager

Doors are managed through Materials Manager and you have complete control over the data that is available. You can access Materials Manager from the ‘Manager’ page of the ‘Materials-Advanced’ category.
See also video: Door and Panel Materials

Drawing Properties Defaults – Materials


The doors can be set up for each of the Floor, Wall and Tall cabinet types. Tall cabinets will either use the Floor type or, in the case where you have upper and lower doors, the upper doors will be the same as the Wall and the lower will be the same as the Floor. Firstly you will need to untick the ‘All As Floor’ checkbox.

When setting up the doors, you select the cabinet type you wish to adjust (Floor, Wall or Tall). Then you select the Group, and then the Colour/Material. There is no mention of the brand at this level since this is set up within the Materials Manager.

The door style is graphically illustrated in the ‘Friendly’ Door pages to assist you in your selection. Once again, these styles are set up for the door from within the ‘Materials Manager’.

Edging is active if the door material has had the option ‘Edging’ ticked on the Door Style page in the Materials Manager.

Glass (be it plain glass or some kind of leadlight) can be selected at this level and is applied to all glass doors on the entire drawing.

NOTE: At cabinet level you can override the defaults of individual cabinets. Simply tick/untick ‘Make Glass Door’ on the General Settings page of the Cabinet Details category. This will make all doors on the cabinet glass, not individually controlled per door.

Cabinet Properties


For individual doors, the material is selected from the Doors page of the Materials category in the cabinet properties. The ‘Door’ dropdown allows selection of each individual door. Its own material can then be selected. Shown below, the Left door is blue and the Right door is white.

The All Doors option is the overall door material default for the cabinet. Unless changed this will itself default to the drawing/catalog door material selection.

Reset Materials: Once changed, each individual door can be reset to the cabinet’s default by selecting the appropriate door and using the Reset Materials button.

Drawer Fronts

The process for Drawer Fronts is exactly the same. However, the material for individual drawer fronts can only be changed if the Use Full Door for Drawer Fronts option is NOT ticked, as shown here.

When this option is in use, the drawer front will be made out of the material selected for all drawer fronts.
NOTE: The Use Full Door for Drawer Fronts option is available on the in each drawer cabinet’s own properties on the page Cabinet Details → General Settings, and also in Drawing Properties → Materials-Advanced → Drawer Bank. Turning this option on/off on either page will be automatically changed on the other page.

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