Dimension tools and Dimensioning V11

Dimension tools and Dimensioning V11

CabMaster Version 11 introduced a minor change to the Dimension tool, it requires 3 clicks which is the same as it always was, but the order is slightly reversed.
1: Click on the first point you wish to measure
2: Select the second point to measure to
3: Then where you wish to see the dimension shown

You can right click on a wall and select 'Auto-Dimension' or in the Annotate menu you can choose the drop down menu for 'Auto-Dimension' and choose the 'Tool' or the 'Whole Page'

If you select the 'Tool' you can simply left click on the Wall/s, Panel, or Island sections you want to Auto-Dimension.

Manual Dimension
If you select the 'Dimension' in the Annotate menu, and use the 3 clicks as mentioned above you can manually Dimension as many reference points as you want, because after the first 3 clicks you simply then further click the next points that are to be included in the dimension.
Note: when making the first two clicks, it is important to select two points that align with each other, and you choose which direction is left and right, which aligns the text see the images below

Notice points 1 and 2 align with each other horizontally, and then points 4 onward do not have to align.

In this picture above we reversed the direction of points 1 and 2 and the text will read the other way up, points 3 onward are the same as previous.

Attached is a document that goes into greater detail about the Dimension Tools in CabMaster.
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