Default Job Heights and Depths - V11

Default Job Heights and Depths - V11

Default Job Heights & Depths

When you create a new drawing you typically start with a library loaded, so that the new drawing will be based on the selected library.

The drawing starts off with its own set of properties, called the Drawing Properties, which are an exact copy of those in the library/catalog.
NOTE : The catalog (.qim) is user defined ‘BasedOn’ the supplied library (.qil). This means that the catalog properties are the default values, and these can be modified in the drawing properties for each individual drawing without changing the library at all.

Drawing Properties are accessed via:
  1. File -> Prepare -> Drawing Properties
  2. OR command button on Home menu
  3. OR Keyboard Shortcut [F4]
If you find yourself making the same changes for each drawing, you can open the Catalog Properties (also accessed from File -> Prepare) and make your changes. Once the library is saved, any NEW drawings you create will use the updated changes.

Bench Heights

Job Defaults -> Heights and Depths - are set within the Job Setup category, as shown:

This provides the ability to specify the carcass height or to specify the Height to the top of the Bench. This calculates the carcass height based on the height specified, the height of the kick and the thickness of the benchtop.
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