Creating new materials in v11

Creating new materials in v11

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Creating New Materials in V11

Creating new materials in CabMaster V11 is a simple process. From within the Drawing Properties page, you can create your own materials for these categories:
  1. Bench
  2. Door
  3. Edge
  4. Extrusion
  5. Fascia
  6. Moulding
  7. Panel
  8. Splash
  9. Timber
Carcass material is created by adding to the Panel category. In this document, we will go through the process of creating a Door material, although the process can be applied to any of the other categories.

In Drawing Properties, go down to Materials-Advanced -> Manager and click the "Manage" button.

The first page that shows in Materials Manager is the "Details" page. In this example, we will create a new group for Formica Doors and a material in that group. Enter the following settings:
  1. Type: Door
  2. Group: 18mm Formica Doors
  3. Name: 18mm Adobe Stucco
  4. Brand: Formica
  5. Thickness: 18mm
  6. Colour: Adobe Stucco
In the two dropdown boxes below "Colour", set the first to Formica (these folders hold collections of colours) and the second to  Adobe Stucco (these are colours within those collections).

The  Finish box is option, and simply refers to the material style (e.g. Satin, Gloss, Matt) and will be included in reports. It is not vital to the operation of CabMaster.

After adding all these options, you should have the same settings as the image below:

Next is the  Options page, which has the following settings:

  1. Transparent: Is the material entirely transparent?
  2. Edge: Should the material have edging applied to it? (Only used on Door Materials)
  3. CNC: Check box allows it to be sent to machining, and the text box is for the name it uses.
  4. OptiLink: Check box allows the material to come out via Optimization Link, and the text box is for the name that it outputs for use in Optimization Link.
  5. Part Number: Does this material have a part number that you would like to include in reports?
  6. Grained: Is this a grained material, and if so, does it have to be rotated 90 degrees?
To continue with our example, tick the checkboxes for Edge and CNC, and enter  18mm Adobe Stucco in the CNC textbox, as per the image below:

Then we move on to the Door Style page which defines what profile (if any) will be applied to the door.

The first dropdown shown above provides a range of categories for various door styles, and the second dropdown selects the option from within that category which is then applied to the material.

For our example of creating this material, set the option to the settings in the image above, being  Slab and Edge Banded, then press "Save As". This dialog box will appear:

Press Yes, then OK. Your new material has been saved and is ready to be used in CabMaster, as shown below:


Pricing is not covered in this document. Please see the Pricing HowTo document which covers this detail.
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