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Corner Cabinets

Corner Cabinets

The following will discuss overlapping corner backs, extending kickboard and backs, and grain direction of shelves.

Shelves - Grain Direction

The ‘Reverse Grain’ option on the ‘Shelves’ page of the ‘Labour & Construction’ category provides the ability to reverse the graining on corner shelves. By default, the ‘graining’ on a corner cabinet is assumed to be as shown below right. Where the shelf, top and bottom run in the same direction.

Some customers who cam their shelves want to reverse this for the shelves as they are placing the shelves upside down in overhead (wall) cabinets so that the cam is not visible from below. To make this work the assumed grain needs to be in the other direction as shown here:

Kickboard - Extend

There is an ability to continue one of the Front Kickboard pieces through to the back of the cabinet. Similar to the cabinet rails, the kickboard fronts can be extended through to the back of the cabinet. The front that is extended can be switched using the ‘Switch long and short front kickboard’ option as shown below.

Backs - Extend

Ability to extend Backs (independently) to the floor from the  Back/Bottom page selections of the ‘Labour and Construction’ category on corner cabinets. This includes checkboxes to extend the cabinet backs to the floor (only applicable if the back is flush with the bottom).

Backs - Overlap

When a corner cabinet is not at 90 degrees the square ends of the Backs have to be chamfered in some way. There are a number of ways this can be done. However, to date these options have been limited by the fact that both the backs have been made the full length of the cabinet to their longest size. It is not possible to ‘overlap’ the backs making the shortest side the full length of the cabinet.

The overlap is controlled at cabinet level for all corner cabinets using the ‘Overlap Backs’ option highlighted above on the 'Back/Bottom' page of the 'Labour and Construction' category.

The shipping default is to NOT overlap the backs i.e. make as 'Standard':

Machined Radius

Cnr Radius page provides the ability to adjust the internal machined radius of Tops, Shelves and Bottoms per cabinet.

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