CabMaster Version 11 opening older drawings from previous versions

CabMaster Version 11 opening older drawings from previous versions

Whilst Version 11 can open older CabMaster Drawings from V10.1 and backwards, this is not recommended as there are a lot unknown issues that could arise due to the improvements and bug fixes in the newer Version 11, versus those of the older Versions, both in stability and functionality.
In the past this has been exactly the same response from the support team with regards to every version and it's predecessors
When you open a drawing in your current version before you proceed with using the drawing you should make sure which version it belongs to.
In the drawing properties the very first page tells you what version you are running.

Job Setup > About. [pictured below]

So if you have opened a Drawing in Application Version 11, and you find that the drawing has been created back in an older Version, then we would recommend that you exit [DO NOT SAVE] and reopen the correct version that the drawing came from.
TIP: if you find a drawing file on your computer and simply launch it, CabMaster will run with the last version that was running on your computer, so doing this will very frequently open in the wrong version if you are not careful which versions you are running, so we recommend you always open the version you want to run and use the "open drawing" choice and navigate to wherever that drawing is stored on your computer

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