CabMaster cannot find a library and cannot see F Drive or other mapped drives

CabMaster cannot find a library and cannot see F Drive or other mapped drives

Typically if you have just installed CabMaster on a new computer, and have your setup on a NAS drive in the office, maybe it is on the F:\ or another letter. You will run CabMaster for the first time and you will see there is no library file to the path you requested. [pictured below]

Checking the locations of the library folders is where you are expecting on the F:\
If you use the Browse buttons to the right of the File Location path [Image above right] and you cannot see the expected F:\

Below is a link to a Microsoft article that actually talks about the issue and why it is happening. CabMaster is needing to run in Elevated Privilege (As an Administrator) so it will encounter this problem that can be resolved by considering the settings that Microsoft has put in place. In a standard setup of a Microsoft computer Elevated programs are not granted permission to see Mapped Network drives, which is what an F:\ is.

Recommended Solution: if you download this MappedDrivesEnabled.reg file, and run it, then restart your computer.
It is set to do the solution method provided by Microsoft in the article above, and as pictured from the article below.
Note: when you run the above file typically you will get two questions that pop up which will be needing to be answered with "Yes" then "Ok"

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