Applying an LED Rebate - V11

Applying an LED Rebate - V11

Applying an LED Rebate - V11

Step 1

In Drawing Properties " My Setup " Local Properties, turn on the first three check boxes:
NOTE: We recommend making these changes in your Catalog so future use becomes easier.

Step 2

Set the default settings for your drawings, using the following settings:
  1. x1: The distance of between the back of the cabinet and the rebate.
  2. x2: The width of the rebate, measured from the front to the back of the cabinet.
  3. x3: How deep the rebate needs to be cut.

Step 3

In the Cabinet Tool for your selected cabinet, on the Cabinet Machining -> Custom page, select the part of the cabinet that you want to apply the rebate to. In this example we will apply the rebate to the Bottom.

Step 4

On the screen the comes up, turn on the checkbox and select "LED Strip Rebate" as shown below:

Step 5

Click "OK" and the LED Strip Rebate will be applied to your cabinet.

Adjusting the Rebate for Individual Cabinets

If you have multiple cabinets and are applying a rebate with settings that are different to the default settings you entered in Drawing Properties, you can adjust the rebate for each individual cabinet using the additional steps below:

Step 1

Open the cabinet in the Cabinet Tool. On the Cabinet Details -> General Settings page, press the button that has the name of the cabinet as shown below. In this example it is  Wall 2 Door.

Step 2

On the Cabinet Information -> Information page, adjust the x1, x2 and x3 options as required, remembering that x1 is the distance from the back, x2 is the rebate width and x3 is the rebate depth.

TIP: Click the attachment to download this HowTo to your desktop as a .pdf

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