Adding new colours to CabMaster for materials

Adding new colours to CabMaster for materials

Adding more colours to CabMaster

CabMaster already has a lot of different colours already in the system for making materials, but if you wanted to include more and you cannot find colour you need, we can simply add more.

Locating the Folders

You will need to know where the images are stored on the program so we can add more. There are several ways you can find out, one way is to press ‘File > Options’ as pictured below.

Add colours to CabMaster

Or you can use the F10 key.

Then you will want to use the ‘File Locations’ and look at the location of the ‘Pictures, Textures & styles’ see the image below and you can copy the path to your clipboard if you select all the text and right click ‘Copy’.
Add colours to CabMaster
If you open Windows File Explorer and right click paste the location into the address bar, and press enter it will take you to the folder.

Add colours to CabMaster

Once you are at that location you will need to go into the following folders, “Cabinet” then “Color”.

Add colours to CabMaster

Bringing the images in

Now that you have located the folder that is holding all of the folders of the material colours currently in the system, you can simply add a new folder to put your new colours in, or add them to an existing folder that is of the correct brand.

Notes about the image file and format

There is a couple of points to make about the images that we use. It is best to use JPG format, and we do not need transparencies in the image. Most users jump online and search the internet for a colour swatch of the colour they want and select to download it. Some of the images you can find online might be PNG or BMP format. Any image can be converted back to JPG if you need, please read below.

NOTE: when you download your image we would recommend to save it to your desktop for a moment to check the format of the image. See steps below.

 If you right click on the downloaded image, windows will give you the option to “Edit” the image, which should open the PNG, BMP, JPG file in Paint.

From here you can simply use the ‘File > Save As > JPEG Picture’ see the image below.

Add colours to CabMaster

NOTE: if you get a warning that “Any transparency will be lost if you save this picture. Do you want to continue?” that is ok, we don’t need the transparencies.

Add colours to CabMaster

Now that the image is definitely not containing transparencies, it is fine to copy this image from your desktop (Or wherever you originally saved it) and paste it into the folders mentioned earlier.

NOTE: Grained images should be orientated with the grain pattern going up the screen, see example provided.

Add colours to CabMaster

TIP: Click the attachment to download this HowTo to your desktop as a .pdf

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