Adding a 3D Model to the catalog

Adding a 3D Model to the catalog

Adding 3D Models to the Catalog

3D models can be added to your CabMaster drawing to be included in a Photoview render. Not only can this be done easily, but you can also permanently add your imported models to the catalog*, just like you can with the CM-Cabinets library.
NOTE: Requires a CabMaster Designer Pro or Machining Premium lock.

Where can I get 3D models?

Besides the models already included with CabMaster in the CM-Models library, or the CM-Design library (which is available from CabMaster on request), there are plenty of websites that provide free 3D models for download. Simply google “Free 3D Models” and look for websites that provide models in 3DS format*.
NOTE: CabMaster also allows use of 3DM and STL files, but 3DS is the recommended format.
Caroma have free 3D models of items they supply on their website TurboSquid also have free 3D models available at

How do I add the model to my library?

1: First you will need to change to the CM-Custom-Models library to be able to permanently add models within CabMaster:

2: Once you are in the CM-Custom-Models library, you will need to create a catalog. This is simply done by clicking on the Library Catalog Manager button on the View toolbar.

3: Click Save when it presents you with a File-Save box (leave the filename as CM-Custom-Models.qim), then press OK to exit Library Catalog Manager, followed by Yes if it asks you to create a Palette. (If the File-Save box does not appear, just click OK to return to Plan View.)

4: Once you are back in Plan View, double-click Custom in the Cabinet Picker, then click on Select Model, as shown below, then browse to where your model is located.

5: After you have selected your model, adjust the Width, Height and Depth of the model and its default Height Off The Floor.

6: If required, you can then go to the Position And Rotation page and change its scale and orientation.

7: When you have finished adjusting the settings for your model, press the Add to Catalog button and give it a name as shown below, then click OK.*
* NOTE: The model will not show in your cabinet list until you either (1) Exit and restart CabMaster, or (2) Switch libraries and come back to CM-Custom-Models.

Make Adjustments or Add via Library Catalog Manager

If you have a CabMaster Designer Pro or Machining Premium lock, you can adjust models that you have added by going to your Library Catalog Manager. This will allow you to add new models to your catalog by right-clicking on an existing model and selecting Duplicate.

Once you have created a new item, you can adjust it by either double-clicking on the item, or right-clicking on it and selecting Format Catalog Item. This presents you with a pink screen, which means you are editing the item at the Catalog level, and any changes will be permanent.

From here you can use the same method as earlier in this document, following from Step 4 onwards.

After you have made the desired changes to the item, close the pink screen down. If you need to rename the item, you can click on the name of it in the left column which gives you a rename option, shown here:

After you have completed all your work in the Catalog, click OK to exit and save your changes. The items will then all appear in your Cabinet List.

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