CabMaster Cloud Licenses

Activating or Removing a CabMaster Cloud License

Using CM Cloud License

Activating the License

To share a cloud license with more than one computer, you will need to follow these steps to Acquire and Revoke the licensing from a computer.

The first step is to acquire the license. If you have your cloud license handy (usually in an email or text file on the computer, copy the license to your clipboard by highlighting the text, and either right clicking and pressing copy, or hitting the control and c keys at the same time.
NOTE: you must capture all the text from the “-----BEGIN” all the way through to the “CLIPBOARD------"

After you’ve copied the license, run CabMaster and you will be greeted by the screen below. The license will automatically get pasted in (otherwise press paste license). After the license is in the text field, hit activate and CabMaster will be licensed on that computer.
NOTE: You need to have a active connection to the internet – there is a delay whilst it communicates with the server before it continues to load CabMaster.

Removing the License

If you wish to delicense the computer, you can revoke the license by going to the Options and pressing the remove license from computer button, as seen below. 

To get to the options, press the F10 key or go to file, then options is down the bottom. If you see the second image below, the license has been removed and you are free to license another computer.

Once you have selected “Remove License From This Computer” you will get several prompt messages.

This message is to warn you CabMaster is going to shutdown to complete this task.

During the delicensing process you will get a Release code, which can be later manually removed if the automatic process failed.
TIP: Click the attachment to download this HowTo to your desktop as a .pdf