3D PDF not opening

3D PDF not opening

NOTE: CabMaster V8 and onwards has been able to support exporting a 3D drawing to a PDF format which allows for a 3D PDF to be seen, but this is only supported by Adobe Acrobat Reader V10 onwards, other PDF viewers are not supported.

Please note there are inbuilt security issues with 3D PDF so Adobe will block it opening as a default choice, so you will need to enable it in Adobe.
Here is a link to an online discussion about Adobe on the topic  https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/using/enable-3d-content-pdf.html

Why won't my 3D PDF open with Adobe Acrobat Reader? 

From CabMaster since Version 8.0 you have the ability to export a complete drawing into a 3D PDF, which can then be sent to a customer or non-CabMaster user to view the design created as a 3D rendered model.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 10 or higher is required to open this file format (*.pdf) but in more recent updates in Version 11.0 some security measures were in place that prevents these files from automatically opening.

You can choose to override these settings each time you load a 3D PDF by changing the options once it is opened.

If required you can change Adobe’s settings to always allow these media types to open.

Open Adobe Acrobat Reader and find the Preferences under the Edit Menu, and change the “3D & Multimedia” Category and “Enable playing of 3D content”

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